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Travel in Uganda? 4 important things to know before going there


Travel in Uganda? 4 important things to know before going there

If you made your decision to travel in Uganda you always need to prepare yourself before going to any trip. Here are few things to know before actually traveling there. Uganda is known as the pearl of Africa, a destination that is beginning to stand out, but which is not country for fainthearted or for budget travelers. For those travelers that wonder how much its gone cost them to travel to Uganda, they need to consider one thing: it is possible to travel relatively cheaply to Uganda or Africa in general, but as long as you do not visit nature parks (that is, no safaris), travel by public transport, and sleep in hotels or motels which are run by native people.

When to Travel in Uganda?

Uganda is located on the equator, so temperatures are more or less the same throughout the year. It has only two seasons: dry and rainy. The rainy season usually runs from March to May and from October to December. In the south of the country temperatures are lower and it usually rains more often than in the north. Our advice is to travel during the dry season, as most of the roads are muddy and with that track and cars can get stuck in the mud.

What animals you can expect to see?

Before you travel in Uganda you need to know that there are almost no rhinos Uganda, only about 10 specimens can be seen in the sanctuary of Ziwa. As for lions, there are only two hundred specimens in the Queen Elisabeth National Park in an area of ​​nearly 2,000 square miles. But don’t make this fools you, because Uganda has a unique mix of savannah and forest parks. This certainly offers good variety of animals to be seen like, Zebras, Elephants, Hippos, Bufallos, and if one of your life goals is to see mountain gorillas, Uganda is the right place to travel since it has few remaining in the world.

What currency to use in Uganda?

When you see the prices, they usually give them in dollars, but obviously once in the country almost everything is paid in the official currency, which is the Ugandan shilling. In hotels where they the price of the rooms in USD dollars, the food must be paid in shillings.

Uganda and its people

If you gone remember something from travel in Uganda, besides the gorillas, it’s the people. The Ugandans, as a rule, are very affable and eager to talk. Normally, when you travel you find great travelers during the trip, but in Uganda, everyone you gone meet will offer you help, moral support and some part of their culture.